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Are Bananas Good For You

Are Bananas Good For You?

Are bananas good for you? This may be the question which you are asking yourself in case you are looking for a diet which will enable you maintain the desired body weight as well as trying to eat healthy. Actually bananas are very healthy for you. You should not worry about having bananas in your diet in case you will like to reduce weight or achieve healthy living. The bananas have no fats, this makes them very suitable in case you are after a diet which will enable you reduce body fats. They also contain necessary nutrients which will make you live healthy life. Bananas are among the healthy fruits which you can include in your daily meal. They have a lot of sugar, but the sugar is healthy for your body.

Nutritional Facts of Bananas.

Calories in Bananas

In average, bananas will have calories ranging from 110 to 150 calories. Most of the calories that is available in bananas is due to the presence of carbohydrates in the fruits. The starch can be in form of starch or simple sugars.

Other Nutrients

Other nutrients in bananas include potassium, dietary sugars, proteins and vitamin C. All these nutrients are very helpful to your body. In case you will like to maintain healthy living, then you should consider having bananas regularly. You can decide to have bananas after your gym session or in your breakfast. You can eat ripe bananas though you can also eat them unripe. Ripe bananas are very tasty and will tend to avoid you cases of complications as opposed to unripe ones.

Benefits of eating bananas

Bananas are perfect for your weight loss

In case you will like to lose weight, then there are some foods which you should avoid. They include foods which are rich in fats. Bananas do not contain fats. They have an average of 150 calories at the maximum. The sugar which you will taste while eating the bananas is healthy sugar. It is fruit sugar which can be broken down easily to yield glucose which is very necessary for your body to access energy for you to carry out daily activities. The bananas have fibres which make them among the best meals which you can have in case you will like to reduce weight, the fibre will make you feel full for long hence reducing your appetite which in one way or another will lead you tom reducing weight. In case you are after appearing slim, you will easily achieve after you decide to make use of the bananas in your daily meal.

Perfect pre-workout snack

When you eat one bananas at a time, you will be doing a great favor to your body especially after a gym. The bananas have lots of glucose. The glucose will be converted in your body to yield energy which you will use in your workout program. Too much glucose can be converted into fats for it to be stored, but for you to gain maximum results out of the bananas, you should try and eat just enough bananas which will yield glucose you need in your workout program. In case you are wondering whether are bananas good for you, then you will discover they are very necessary for you in case you are working out to stay fit or reduce weight. Remember when working out, you will have to use energy, bananas are a source of glucose which will help you in maintaining good shape as well as offering you energy for you to carry out the exercises which you may have embarked on as a way of trying to lose weight.

Bananas and wrinkles

Bananas are rich in Vitamin A and C. They also contain iron and Vitamin B in plenty. This makes them among the best foods which you can eat in case you will like to fight wrinkles. Remember you can take a lot of time trying to fight wrinkles while applying different methods. You will easily fight the wrinkles or avoid their appearance completely after you decide to include bananas in your diet. They are readily available where you can just buy them from your nearest green groceries. They have essential minerals which will make your body fight wrinkles naturally, in return you will develop a beautiful looking face free from wrinkles. Cases where you will have to undergo expense surgeries for you to get rid of wrinkles will be no more after you eat enough bananas which will make your body have plenty of the necessary minerals required to fight wrinkles.

Banana is a mood booster

Tryptophan in bananas is a mood influencing ingredient. It will make you feel good after eating it. You can have a bananas as a sandwich in you breakfast and you will be assured of improving your mood. This is very necessary because it will lead you to performing more in your workplace. Cases where you will develop conflicts with your workmates due to your mood will be no more. In case you are involved in business, you will easily develop the right moods for you to handle different customers in the business. This in one way or another will lead you to growing your business. Even in families where there is no peace due to poor moods, you can make a difference after you decide to include a banana in each of your meals. You can have the bananas in smoothies, as a sandwich where you will have other ingredients such as almond butter or any other healthy ingredient.

Narcotic banana

Bananas contain hormone melatonin, this is very necessary in making you sleepy especially in the evenings. In case you are among those who have problems in sleeping, then you should consider having a banana at least two hours to your bed time. The hormone will lead you to developing sleep. Enough sleep is necessary because it will lead your body to relaxing hence rejuvenating. Remember for your body to relax and heal the muscles which you may have overworked during the day, you need to have good sleep. Sleep will lead you to avoiding stress which will make you concentrate the following day.

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