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Best Ways to Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Best Ways to Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat is normally found in everyone’s body including athletes and bodybuilders. It is a normal condition as some fat underneath your skin improves its appearance. But if you have too much belly fat then it becomes necessary to find the best way to lose belly fat as it affects your health much more than the fat on any other part of your body. Fat found deeply inside the other parts of your body including around your lungs, liver and heart etc. can also be problematic even for thin along with fat people. In fact, to lose belly fat successfully you will have to focus on your lifestyle including activities and eating habits. While choosing the best diet plan and exercise you will have to consider some other things in this regard.

Effect of deep belly fat on your health

The deep belly fat also known as visceral fat is one of the important things in your body as it provides cushion to your organs. But it can cause a number of health problems like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, certain types of cancer and heart problems etc, if you have too much of it. According to various health experts your belly fat is an active part of your body which remains busy in making a number of malicious things. These unusual things start accumulating in various parts of your body to increase your body weight. When regular fat storing areas in your body get full fat required by them then it starts accumulating around your heart and other vital organs to cause various health problems. So while finding the best way to lose belly fat you should assess the amount of belly fat you have.

Measuring your belly fat

Though a MRI or CT scan is considered as the best method to precisely measure the amount of your belly fat but certain simple and low cost methods are also available for this purpose. You can check the girth of your belly by wrapping a measuring tape at your belly button around your waist. You should ensure the level of your tape while measuring the fat in standing position. For healthy women belly size must be less than 35 inches and for men less than 40 inches. Moreover people with bigger hips and thighs are considered to have pear shaped body which is better than apple shaped body which has wider waistline than the former. In other words it can be said that you may have excessive visceral fat if you have more fat on your abdomen.

Thin people and belly fat

Even thin people have belly fat but the amount of their fat on belly depends upon various factors including their lifestyle and genes. If they live an active life then their belly fat cannot be a problem for them as it likes activity. But if they care only for their lifestyle instead of activities also then their visceral fat can increase excessively and become a problem for them. Thus activity and lifestyle or exercise and diet are the two ways that can be the best to lose belly fat along with stress management and sleep. In this write-up the best way to lose belly fat is briefly discussed for your consideration.

Changes in diet to lose belly fat

Though nothing can be done overnight to your lose belly fat by changing your diet as it cannot be magical but it can be made possible at first if you regulate your diet effectively and regularly. According to various fitness experts you can include more soluble fibre in your routine diet without changing other ingredients of your meals to start reducing your visceral fat within few days. You can maintain your weight better only by including high fibre bread, even if you keep all the other things unchanged in your routine diet.

Trim your visceral fat with vigorous exercises

According to various fitness experts you can reduce your belly fat effectively even by doing moderate exercises just for five days in a week for at least 30 minutes daily. Brisk walking can make much difference in your belly fat if you breathe harder and sweat along with having unusually faster heart rate during this workout. You can include vigorous exercises like jogging or running for at least twenty minutes per day for at least four days a week to get the best results even in half the time of your workout plan. Your vigorous workouts can include working on stationary rowing machines, stationery bikes, walking or jogging briskly on an inclined treadmill to get the best results within few days. Though vigorous workouts are necessary to burn out your belly fat but you can also help in slowing down its gaining speed just by increasing your heart rate for 30 minutes at least of three times a week through your moderate exercises. You can walk in garden or play soccer with your kids to include moderate workouts in your fitness plan. You can also start a new fitness program by consulting your health care provider, if you are not living an active life these days.

Lose belly fat with sleep

You can also lose your belly fat by having right amount of sleep at night. It has been proved though various researches that the people who sleep for 6 to 7 hours at night gain lesser belly fat than the people who sleep for more than eight hours or less than five hours daily at night. A sound sleep can be an effective part of your belly fat reducing program, if not the only factor for it.

Stress and belly fat

Stress management is another important factor to lose belly fat fast. Though everyone has stress but how you handle it matters the most. You can relax your stress by diverting your mind through meditation, workouts and communicating with your family and friends. It will help you in making good decisions to prepare you for a healthy lifestyle.

Thus the best way to lose belly fat includes exercise and diet along with others.

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