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Causes And Home Remedies For White Bump On Eyelid

Causes And Home Remedies For White Bump On Eyelid

White bump on eyelid is one of the eye problems that start unnoticeably and grow up gradually to become painful and worrying. This problem is caused due to various reasons including improper cleaning of contact lenses as well as use of expired or very old cosmetics. These white bumps are usually not harmful for your vision but they can be painful and affect your looks. In this write-up brief information about the causes and home remedies for treating and preventing white bumps on eyelids is provided for your consideration.

Causes of White Bump on Eyelid

Actually white eyelid bump is a kind of pimple on your eyelid. The initial look of this white bump on eyelid is small in size and white in colour but it swells gradually into painful bump tender in touch and red in colour. It becomes so painful that it becomes difficult to do routine works with your eyes like blinking and moving around to see. You may have feeling of having something in your eye, lots of itching in your eyes or shed tears excessively if it appears on the edge of your eyelid. Most of the times white bump on eyelid heals up itself but to fasten its healing process some people use several home remedies on the basis of its causes. Various types of white bump on eyelids are caused due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons for the occurrence of white bump on eyelids are discussed here under to help you in this regard.

  • Stye: It is a kind of bacterial infection caused by the bacteria usually present in your eyelid which rarely create any health problem. But when the growth of these bacteria become out of control then they infect the oil glands on your eyelid. This infection causes swelling, tenderness and redness on eyelid with a pus filled white bump at the centre.
  • Chalazion: A sticky substance is produced by a small gland in your eyelid known as meibomian to hydrate your eyelashes. But this gland can appear as white bump when it creates a cyst after getting clogged. Thus white bump on eyelid appears due to the reaction of your body for obstructing the secretion of oil caused by clogging of gland.
  • Milia: Sometimes small and solid white bump develops on the eyelid of newborns and young children. Incapability of their skin to remove dead skin cells can be the cause of these bumps. Severe sunburn on eyelid or trauma can be the cause if it happens with adults.
  • Xanthelasma: Sometimes harmless yellow patches are noticed on the adult eyelids. These patches are considered as an indicator of high cholesterol as well as sign of aging. So you can treat them in this light by consulting your doctor.
  • Papillomas: These are skin or pinkish coloured harmless bumps that may grow up to affect your vision. You can remove them effectively through surgery.
  • Cyst: A cyst developed on your eyelid can also appear as white bump. Mostly these cysts are harmless but can affect your vision and looks.
  • Allergies: You can also notice a pimple on your eyelid due to an allergy. It can develop due to the use of some medication, cosmetics or chemical on your eyelids. They can be harmless but troublesome unless you stop the use of allergic elements. It may disappear itself after sometime.
  • Other causes: Dryness in eyes and other eye conditions including cellulitis, conjunctivitis, psoriasis or dermatitis can also be one of the causes of white bump on eyelids.

Home Remedies for White Bump on Eyelid

Usually white bump on eyelid heals up on its own but sometimes people use various home remedies given here under for their faster healing.

  • Water: You can use wash up your eyes with water and an antiseptic liquid or medicated soap to clean them up by removing dust and dirt particles. You can also fasten the healing of cysts on eyelid by using warm compression.
  • Alum water: You can also use Alum water for treating your bumps developed on the eyelid effectively. The alum water prepared by soaking few alum granules in a bowl of water can also be used to give a compress on the infected eyes.
  • Honey and rose water: The combination of these readily available items in every home can help in removing the cyst from the eyelid as soon as possible.
  • Milk: Washing your eyes with cold milk will not only soothe your eye but its cyst also.
  • Tea bags: Putting herbal tea bag on your cyst infected eyelids for 5-10minutes can also help in curing them. You can also use chilled chamomile tea for this purpose.
  • Breast milk: Though it can treat the eyelid bumps of the adults also but normally it is used for treating the bump on the eyelid of infants as it may not be easy to find pregnant lady every time.
  • Onion juice: It is one of the most effective home remedies used for treating eyelid bumps quickly. You can apply onion juice on your infected eyelid to cure it as soon as possible.
  • Acacia leaves: They can help in getting rid of the chalazion cyst in a natural way. You can dip a piece of clean cloth in the water obtained by boiling these leaves to compress the infected eyelid.
  • Parsley: You can also put a clean cloth dipped in the water obtained by soaking fresh parsley in boiling water on your eyes for 15 minutes. It will help in reducing the swelling of the eyes.
  • Guava leaves: Putting the guava leaves dipped in hot boiling water and wrapped in a cloth on your eyes is one of the most popular home remedies used for reducing swelling, redness and pain of the eyelid with white bump instantly.

Preventive home remedies

  • Consuming fruits, vegetables and flax seed oil rich diet can help in preventing the occurrence of cysts on eyelids.
  • Avoiding the use of infectious makeup can also prevent eyelid cyst.
  • Hygienic cleanliness like not sharing soap and clothes can help in preventing the spreading of infections causing health conditions like white bump on eyelid.

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