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Causes And Solutions to Vaginal Burning After Sex

Causes And Solutions to Vaginal Burning After Sex

There are a couple of women in the world around that face, vagina burning after sex. According to doctors, this pain is pretty normal and can be attributed to some physical and psychological reasons that are associated with sex. However, if the pain does not subside and continues for a prolonged period then it must be treated at the earliest possible as this might leave a lasting impact on the body and the mental health of the women.

Causes of vaginal burning post sex

There are some major causes that might lead to vagina burning after sex. The gynaecologists have compiled few major reasons that we have listed in this article below.

Lack of Vaginal Lubrication

The most important reason for vagina burning after sex is lack of lubrication. Now, there are multiple reasons of lack of lubrication in the female body. Lack of foreplay or in case if a women is rushed into any form of sexual activity that she’s not willing to get involved in, is one major reason for low level of lubrication in female body. Often it is seen that the women approaching menopause also face a problem getting sufficiently lubricated. This could be because of the hormonal imbalance going on in their body.

Fungal Infections of the Vagina

There are types of fungal infections such as Yeast infection, Candida (Candidiasis) or Thrush that cause itchiness or redness in the vagina. Some, signs by which you can identify Candida include, white or yellow cheese-like discharge and a cheese like smell.

Bacterial and other Infections of the Vagina

Some of the bacterial infections that might cause the vagina burning after sex include, bacterial vaginosis, and protozoan infections caused by a little parasite called Trichonomas vaginalis. This might often lead to a discharge of some unpleasant smelling (fishy or decaying meat smell) substance from the vagina.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are some sexually transmitted infections that might lead to the burning sensation in the vagina post the sexual activity. Some of the most common types of STIs are chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes.

How to relieve oneself from vaginal burning?

There are multiple products available in the market that might prevent vaginal burning after sex. However, it is important that before the application of any external crèmes or lotions, you must always visit a gynaecologist. Below, we have listed some organic and inorganic ways by which you can get instead or sometimes steady relieve from vagina burning after sex.

Local Anesthetic type crèmes

The crèmes that have an effect of local anaesthesia are created in a way so as to dull the nerve endings in and around the vagina. These medications often contain a chemical anaesthetic substance such as benzocaine as the key element. These crimes are meant only for external purpose only. It is often noted that when the effect of the crèmes subsides the itching or redness of the vagina often returns. This, is because it is only meant to numb the senses and not resolve or relieve the cause of vagina burning after sex.

Anti Fungal pills, crèmes and pessaries

The anti fungal pills, crèmes and pessaries work only when you’re certain that you’re suffering from fungal infection. The oral pills for these infections contain anti-fungal chemical, Fluconazole. The Fluconazole is known to affect the entire body and not just the vagina. This whole body action caused by Fluconazole might lead to other microbes such as the bacteria to proliferate in other parts of the body. This is mainly because the bacteria are kept in some natural state of imbalance due to the healthy competition from other microbes. These anti fungal crèmes and pessaries might contain several other azole drugs such as the Clotrimazole, Miconazole, Tiocinazole and Butoconazole. These can be effective in treating the burning of the vagina if it is caused by the Candida microbes. However, what must be kept in mind is they’re only capable of treating the vaginal infection or irritation that is not the result of the fungal infections. It has been noted that the anti-fungal drugs often lose their effect on women who experience frequent Candida infections.

Natural Ways to relieve Vaginal Burning after sex

  • Yoghurt – You can use unsweetened natural and plain yoghurt. Yoghurt contains a good bacterial that is the lactobacillus” bacteria. This bacterium is capable of fighting with the bad bacteria and the microbes that might be causing itchiness, redness or vagina infections. You can directly apply the yoghurt using the clean fingers on the vagina.
  • Vinegar – Use of diluted, unfiltered apple cider vinegar can be helpful so as to reduce the unnatural acidity prevailing on the vagina of the female body. You must analyze if the vinegar is having a direct improvement on the vaginal burning after sex. In case of the Candida fungus thriving on the female opening, this might not be very effective.
  • Epsom Salts – You can get the vaginal openings soaked in the sitz bath which contains Epsom salts. This might be effective in reducing any unnatural acidity of the vagina. In case, the pain is not relieved, then you must immediately consult a doctor.
  • Lady Soothe Herbal Vaginal Crème – The Lady Soothe Herbal Vaginal Crème has been specifically designed so as to soothe the vagina after the sex. It will naturally try to reduce the pain. This is 99% natural and has been created specifically to relieve the vaginal burning after sex. You can apply Lady Soothe Herbal Vaginal Crème with clean fingers, where and when needed.


Vaginal Pain can also be subsided if the male counterpart performs proper foreplay prior to the sex. There can also be a use of external lubricants such as Vaseline, coconut oil, gel, etc to provide sufficient lubrication to the female body. In case a women is approaching menopause then there must be a proper treatment conducted so as to cure the hormonal imbalance of women. The intensity of vaginal burning after sex might vary from women to women. In most cases, these remedies might work for you. However, in case none of these works for you, then there are chances that the degree of your problem is far superior to the common women. So, you must immediately see a gynaecologist and get the issue resolved.

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