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Managing brown discharge from vagina

Diagnosing and Managing Brown Vaginal Discharge

The discharge of excessive mucus and fluid produced by vaginal walls and cervix is known as vaginal discharge. Usually it is a normal and healthy condition through which your body keeps the environment of your vagina healthy and clean. The appearance of normal discharge is whitish in colour with consistency slightly thicker but thin. You need not worry if it turns to brown in colour as it is also a normal condition unless it prolongs for longer time after periods. So if your brown discharge before and after periods continues for longer time then you should consult your doctor for its proper diagnosis and treatment as it can cause some serious health problems if not treated in time.

Diagnosis of brown discharge

While diagnosing your brown vaginal discharge your doctor considers all the possible causes of its appearance. Brief information provided here under in this respect can help you in self diagnosing your condition before visiting your doctor so that you can take some precautionary steps.

Main causes of brown vaginal discharge

Brown discharge before and after periods can happen due to a number of reasons given in this write-up. You cannot properly manage the problem unless you know its causes.

Menstrual reasons

  • Perimenopause: Some women experience brown, pink or yellow discharge due to hormonal changes in their body while leading to menopause. Some of them may experience uncomfortable and heavy discharge in such condition.
  • Menophania: During initial menses in puberty brown discharge is experienced months before actual happening of first period. This condition is known as menophania. Most of them also experience it even after their regular periods. So you should not worry too much if it happens to you.
  • Existence of old endometrial tissue: There can be certain old tissue remained in your uterus after last periods which can cause brown discharge before and after periods while exiting from the uterus.
  • Ovulation: Sometimes some bleeding appears while the releasing an egg during ovulation which appears as brown vaginal discharge after mixing with normal fluids discharged by your vagina. Sometimes the colour of normal discharge from vagina between the periods also becomes brownish due to small amount of bleeding from the uterus.

Hormonal reasons

  • Stress: Hormonal changes due to stress can also cause the creation of brown vaginal discharge or spots between periods to some women. It may also appear due to the stress caused by sudden changes in physical activities.
  • Birth control pills: Sometimes initial use of birth control pills can also cause brown discharge before and after periods due to the artificial hormones in them. Brown discharge or spots can also appear due to the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices.
  • Change in exercises: Sometimes brown discharge is experienced when women start doing exercises of new types as it changes their hormonal levels.
  • Abrupt reduction in weight: When your body weight drops suddenly it can change your hormonal levels causing brown discharge through vagina between periods.

Pregnancy reasons

  • Placenta issues: You should immediately consult your doctor if vaginal discharge looks brownish during pregnancy as it clearly indicates for some problem with your placenta.
  • Miscarriage: Bleeding in uterus after miscarriage can also cause brown vaginal discharge which gradually stops after stopping the bleeding.
  • Implantation of fertilized egg: Sometimes walls of uterine start bleeding when fertilized egg implants itself into it which causes brown discharge during first trimester of pregnancy.


Though vaginal discharges are usually safe but they can turn to be brown due to certain serious medical conditions as:

  • Inflammation in pelvic region: Sometimes incomplete discharge, use of an IUD or sexually transmitted diseases can cause brown vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection in the uterus. This problem can damage your reproductive system permanently if not diagnosed and treated at an early stage.
  • Bacterial infection in vagina: Sometimes brown discharge before and after periods along with irritation is experienced due to bacterial infection in vagina. This infection is usually caused by the imbalance in good and bad bacteria in the vagina after taking antibiotics.
  • Cervical cancer: Brown discharge through vagina can rarely be caused during advance stages of cervical cancer. Abdominal pain, fatigue and irritation in digestive system are its other symptoms.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are some of the sexually transmitted diseases which can also rarely cause brown vaginal discharge along with bleeding and irritation in the tract of reproductive system.

Managing brown discharge from vagina

Depending on the causes of brown discharge before and after periods you can variably use the methods to treat it. You may not need to treat it in several conditions like menopause, pregnancy and menophania as it can be treated gradually in a natural manner. But you will have to manage things to treat in various other health conditions by using following steps.

  • Let it go naturally: Sometimes brown discharge before and after periods are experienced due to lingering or delayed periods. You cannot do anything except waiting for the end of periods in this condition.
  • Maintain hygiene: You should improve your hygienic conditions by wearing lose fit clothes, cotton undergarments, avoid washing vagina repeatedly to prevent infection, practice sex safely and change pads or tampons frequently during menstrual cycles to relieve the problem of brown discharge before and after periods.
  • Eat healthy diet: You can prevent vaginal discharge by balancing your hormonal levels by eating nutritious and well balanced diet along with drinking plenty of water.
  • Consume antibiotics: If your brown discharge is caused due to any of the sexually transmitted diseases then you should immediately consult your doctor and follow his instructions to manage this problem well in time.
  • Preventive measures: You can also follow some preventive measures to prevent the appearance of brown vaginal discharge in future.
  1. Wear lose fitting and cotton undergarments
  2. During period change your tampon or sanitary napkins frequently.
  3. Treat pelvic inflammation disease, STDs, cervical cancer and the problem of uterine polyps by consulting your doctor and following his instructions strictly.
  4. In order to prevent imbalance in body pH you should avoid douching it.
Thus you can manage brown vaginal discharge by diagnosing its cause properly.

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