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How to Cope With The Sharp Pain in Vagina

How to Cope With The Sharp Pain in Vagina?

Women face all kinds of medical problems during their lifetime. From puberty to childbirth to menopause, the problems can vary in magnitude and severity. One common problem, which is faced by women in all the age groups, is the sharp pain in vagina. There is usually no clear reason for the pain, and women just ignore it due to embarrassment, and other psychological reasons. But, pain in the vagina can become so severe, sometimes that it can affect the daily routine activities. The women can face problems in exercising, socializing, and it can also negatively impact the sex life. Due to all these reasons, it is imperative to find out the symptoms, causes, treatments, and some possible home remedies, which can provide some relief to the women folk.

Before we study about the symptoms, causes, and treatments, it is necessary to find out the different types of vaginal pain, which a lady experiences.

Types of pain:

  • General pain: This pain is usually experienced in different parts of the vulva, and at different times. The pain will not be continuously felt by the person, and the intensity can increase or decrease, at different times.
  • Pain in vaginal opening: This pain gives a burning sensation in the opening of the vagina. Touching and sexual intercourse can aggravate this problem, and will require gynaecological consultation.

Some common symptoms of sharp vaginal pain:

  • Recurring pain in the vagina
  • Burning sensation in the vagina
  • Stinging sensation
  • Sexual intercourse becomes painful
  • There is constant itchiness in the genital areas
  • Irritation can also be felt on the skin surface
  • The person can experience sharp cutting pain in the vaginal opening, labia, and vulva.
The symptoms can be felt either sporadically or continuously. And, when the person is feeling such pain, it is advisable to avoid intercourse, and tampon insertion. In fact, in some people, the signs of pain can last for years, even. The routine activities, such as biking, sitting, hiking, and horse riding can also aggravate the pain.

Causes of vaginal pain:

The causes are many, and can vary from person to person. As per the statistics, around 50 to 85 % women have some medical condition, which cause the sharp pain in the vagina. Sometimes, the pain is also caused due to psychological problems, like depression, etc. Some of the other common causes are given below:

  • Nerve Injury: An injury to the nerve can cause sharp pain in the genital areas.
  • Sexual abuse or aggressive intercourse: Abuse and intercourse, if done violently, can also cause sharp pain.
  • Infection: Sometimes, infections can also lead to pain.
  • Muscle Spasms and hormonal changes due to menopause can also cause the pain.
  • Cancer and Yeast infection: Cancerous cysts and yeast infections, due to frequent use of antibiotics can also cause sharp pain.
  • Genital surgery
Now that we know about the common symptoms and causes, it is imperative to find out some treatments, and possible home remedies, which can provide relief from this sharp pain.

Get suitable treatments for vaginal pain:

Based upon the symptoms experienced by the women, the treatments can vary. Make a visit to thegynaecologist, who will advise medications and therapies for it. While some women get complete relief, others get partial or no relief. Given below are some common treatments:

  • Medicines: To reduce the chronic pain, the doctors prescribe anticonvulsant, and anti-depressants. In case, the patient experiences itching along with the pain, antihistamines are also prescribed.
  • Physical therapies and relaxation techniques: The pain in the vulva is usually caused due to the tensing of muscles. This tension can be reduced when the muscles are made to relax. With the help of bio-feedback therapy, the body responses are controlled, and pelvic muscles are made to relax. A vaginal sensor is inserted to find out the muscle strength, and it gives an idea about relaxation and contraction.
  • Local Anaesthetics: Doctors can also advise medication ointments, such as lidocaine, for providing temporary relief. In fact, when this ointment is applied half an hour before sexual intercourse, it can make the area numb, and make the person enjoy it.
  • Injection: When all other forms of treatment fail, injection can be given to numb the pelvic region. This can decrease the pain and remove the sensation.
  • Surgery: If the exact area of pain is identified, it can be removed surgically. This involves the removal of the affected tissues, so that there is relief from pain.
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy: With the help of this therapy, the women can strengthen their pelvic muscles.
There are many women, who hesitate going to the doctor for such problems. For such women, there are some useful home remedies too, which can be followed.

Simple and easy home remedies:

  • Make use of soft toilet paper, which is sensitive to the skin, and is not scented.
  • Wear only cotton panties, and pads, which are sensitive to the skin. Do not wear panty hoses, as it can cause irritation and pain.
  • Avoid all those activities, which can aggravate the pain.
  • Try to take cold water baths, and avoid hot water baths. And, take baths for at least 2 to 3 times a day, and soak yourself for around 10 minutes.
  • Keep chemical substances like shampoo and soap away from the vulva region.
  • After visiting the toilet, and after engaging in intercourse, clean the vulva area with cool water.
  • Even though, there will be a strong urge for scratching, don’t scratch the genital areas. Whenever there is itching, pour cold water over it, or take cold water baths.
  • Do not eat food, such as nuts, beans, berries, and chocolates, which can cause frequent and uncomfortable urination.
  • Make use of lubricating agents, before doing sexual intercourse. There are special kind of lubricants available for women, who have had their menopause.
  • After taking bath, use petroleum jelly on the sensitive genital area, so that a protective shield can be created.
  • Try to wear cotton clothes, which are loose. Avoid synthetics and nylons, as they will hold the moisture and heat, and will cause further infections.
If the woman is pregnant, she should consult a doctor, before taking any home remedy treatment. Also, if the symptoms do not clear off with home remedies, it would be advisable to check with the doctor immediately. Sometimes, the vaginal infection can also be cleared without taking any treatments. Whatever be the problem, don’t feel shy and share it with an expert.

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