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How to Drink Epsom Salt

How to Drink Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is named from the mineral-waters of Epsom spring in South East of England, (where they’re harvested). This material isn’t a slat but_a compound of magnesium and sulfate that’s known for providing health and beauty benefits along with household and gardening uses. Using Epsom salt regularly also assist the body absorb nutrients, flush toxins from your body and relieve migraines. It is important to note that drinking Epsom salt has side effects, so it is essential to consume it correctly or in the right way.

Can you drink Epsom salt?

Epson salt can be easily found at the drug store or local grocery and they’re also affordable. You can take Epsom salt since it offer laxative effect and help relax your body’s digestive muscles. Drinking Epsom salt helps detoxify your liver_but any time you drink a detox using the Epsom salt, it is imperative to remember you’ll need 2 days.

One day will entail the detoxification process & the remaining day is required for resting. You are also required to stop taking any drugs or supplements you’re on 2 days before you drink your detox.

How to drink Epson salt

The word given to explain a solution that is made of Epsom salt is `hyperosmotic.’ Epsom salts act just like any other salt & this simply means that they dissolve or attract water. for that reason when the Epsom salt pass through your bowel-system, the Epsom salt will pull or attract the water from other-areas-of your body (increasing the amount of lubrication that occur within your digestive system). The increased lubrication will lead to an increased excretion.

Step 1 – Be cautious with what you consume and have 2 daytime drinks

On the very day you start your detox, you should consume a breakfast and lunch that is free from fat. This may include honey and toast, cooked vegetable and cereals. Don’t consume anything after 2-pm. Combine 4 tablespoon of the Epsom salts in three cups of water & refrigerate the mixture.

Meanwhile, warm a cup each of olive and pink grapefruit on your counter. Around 7 pm drink one cup of the mixture. If you feel like you want to improve the-taste-of the mixture, you can include vitamin C powder. Drink an extra cup of the mixture at 9 pm.

Step 2 – Drink Epsom salt at night

Try to have a bowel movement before you move on to the-remaining-steps in the detox. Pour a cup of grapefruit juice and olive oil into a jar (shake to combine). Take this mixture at around 10:30 pm whilst standing. After you’ve finished drinking, take 4 Omithine capsules & lie down with your head elevated.

Step 3 – Continue the detox mixture the following day

The next morning drink an additional cup of Epson salt mixture when you wake-up, then get back to the bed and rest. 2 hours later drink the remaining Epson mixture. Then 2 hours after you’ve finished drinking, sip some juice. After half an hour, consume fruit and eat light-food an hour later after this. In between these small meals take whey powder to refill the bile salt you’ve lost during the process of detoxification. By supper you may take a normal meal. Please note that during this detoxification period you’ll experience diarrhea so you should be prepared to tackle this.

Side effects of taking Epson salt

  • Digestion problems – Taking Epsom salts mixture internally can cause diarrhea, cramping, nausea, bloating and gas. You may also notice a sensation of being-thirsty after you have consumed the salt. Don’t use Epsom salt as a purgative for more than 2 weeks (to help avoid removal of excessive bowel-content from your body).
  • Magnesium toxicity – Ingesting Epsom salt too frequently can result to a magnesium sulfate overdose. More symptoms and indications of this condition or state include a slowed heartbeat, flushed skin and a drop in your blood pressure. Signs of magnesium sulfate overdose include nausea, vomiting and awareness of drowsiness is reduced. Very severe cases can cause death or coma.

Health benefits of Epson salt

The magnesium and sulfate in this salt can be easily absorbed via the skin to give health benefits quickly. Epson salts can assist improve muscle & nerve function, prevent artery hardening, reduce inflammation and regulate three hundred and twenty five different enzymes.

  • Reduce stress – Stress lowers your body’s magnesium levels because of the increase-in-adrenaline this condition causes. Consuming-in the magnesium (from the Epsom salts) assist to increase your serotonin levels that promote relaxation & a feeling of calmness. The magnesium can also help reduce blood pressure, increase energy levels and improve your ATP levels
  • Soak your feet to relieve muscle pain – Epsom salt are used to reduce feet inflammation to relieve sore muscles. To get a soothing comfort_you can mix Epsom paste with some warm water or just by soaking your-feet-into a basin of warm water that contain Ultra Epsom salt-(0.5 cup). It is also used to ease the pain associated_with giving birth.
  • Regulate body function – consuming Epsom salt assists to maintain and restore electrolyte level. This assist in ensuring that your body has proper calcium level to ensure that electric impulses work properly throughout your body. This assists to maintain proper muscle, enzyme & nerve function.
  • Prevent blood clots – Epsom salts help reduce any danger of blood clot, improve blood circulation, elasticity of your arteries and blood pressure. These combined health benefits help in reduction of stroke and heart attack.
  • Increase insulin effectiveness – Using Epsom salt to increase magnesium and sulfate will assist to increase the effects-of-insulin in your body. This helps reduce the risk or chances of developing diabetes.
  • Relieve constipation – Epsom salts can also be consumed to assist detoxify and cleanse your colon. The Epsom salt will work as a laxative that-will-increase the water level of your intestine to help ease constipation.
You should consult a medic to ensure the safety-standards of this method are well observed before trying it at home.


Although there is no material evidence that the Epsom salt can harm a fetus, you shouldn’t consume them if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant or if you’ve kidney problems. If you’re on any prescription treatments or medications_ you should also ensure that they do not contain magnesium.
Avoid using Epsom salt if you have stomach issues for instance abdominal cramping, bloating, nausea or vomiting.

Last but not least since Epsom salt happens to be a natural laxative, you’ll want to make-sure you’re around a bathroom. However, if you experience excessive-diarrhea, discontinue the detox process and take plenty of fluid or water so you will not dehydrate.

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