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How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters

How to Get Rid of Blood Blisters


A blood blister is basically a swelling on the surface of the skin that contains blood. It is normally caused by persistent friction, a bruise or a pinch. In addition to blood, this type of blister may also contain lymph and other body fluids. Most blood blisters especially small sized ones tend to heal on their own. However treatment may help lower the pain, and even keep infections at bay. If you have large broken blisters then treatment is necessary to heal them.

How to get rid of blisters on the finger

1. Remove all the pressure from the blister

In order to eliminate pressure, expose the blister to the air and ensure nothings hits or presses on it. Lack of pressure allows it to begin healing naturally. This is because it will not burst, or get infected. Since your finger is used in many ways, leaving the blister open and untouched can be an uphill task. Instead of letting things rub on that finger regularly use a loose bandage to secure it.

2. Drain large and painful blisters

At times leaving the blister as it is, is not necessarily the best option. This is because the blood that keeps on building up in the blister will cause you unbearable pain. However, since blisters are prone to infections when exposed, tread carefully when lancing it.

How to drain your blister carefully

  • Ensure the environment, equipment and techniques to be used are clean.
  • Wash your hands and foot using water and an antibacterial soap.
  • Again wipe the area of the foot with the blister using alcohol to sterilize it.
  • Using the same sterilizing agent, wipe the pin or needle to be used in popping the blister.
  • Gently lance the blister, then drain the fluid inside it through the created opening.
  • After that do not use any cleanser such as alcohol to clean the skin, better use ordinary soap and water.
  • Apply an antiseptic and then cover it with a new bandage.
Things to put into consideration before draining a blister no matter the size
  • Do not drain your blister if you are suffering from chronic health complications such as cancer, HIV, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. People with these conditions have a compromised immunity and are therefore prone to infections.
  • Also be sure that your blister is as a result of trauma and not any other serious ailment such as chickenpox.

3. Use available home remedies to help ease the pain, reduce inflammation and quicken healing

Apply ice cubes
Wrapping the area of your finger with the blister using an ice cube will help ease the pain. In order to work effectively ensure you do this as soon as you get the blister. The extremely cold temperatures will propel your blood vessels to constrict. This constriction makes the blood vessels narrow and as such no more blood will accumulate in the blister. This in turn reduces the swelling and pain. Remember it is the blood build up that brings pain so the less blood, the better.

How to do it:
  • Get a plastic bag and put ice cubes in it. Using a towel wrap the bag.
  • Apply the blister on your finger for around 10 minutes
  • Do this repeatedly at intervals
Use fresh aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is endowed with numerous anti inflammation properties which makes it suitable for treating blood blisters at home. To maximize on the benefits of this great natural healer, use fresh aloe Vera juice or extracts. Apply it on your finger for a number of days until the pain and swelling is gone. It is better that you do this consistently, probably every day.

Cucumber juice
Cucumber has amazing cooling and soothing properties that will immediately remove the heat from the blister. It also has silica a mineral that makes the connective tissues of your blood vessels stronger. This gives it an upper hand when it comes to reducing the pain and swelling of a blood blister.

Slice a chilled cucumber into several pieces. Then apply one piece of cucumber on the blister at a time. Do this several times a day for a few days. Besides cucumber has great curative properties for the skin such that even just drinking a glass of fresh cucumber juice is enough to cure your blister.

Use turmeric
Turmeric is considered a very powerful antiseptic. It is actually good to use with a lanced or broken blood blister. It will help prevent infections and ensure that the blister continues to heal on its own.

Garlic and tea tree oil
Heat natural garlic oil and allow it to cool to room temperature. Gently apply the oil onto the blister. Do not wash it off, you will need to leave it on so that it penetrates the blister.

Tea tree oil on the other hand has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that is required to help the blister dry out on its own.

4. Monitor any signs of an infection as your blister heals
If a blister is not taken care of well especially after the fluid has been drained, it may get infected by bacteria or fungi. Signs that your blood blister may be getting infected include redness, a feeling of hotness around it, inflammation and too much pain. Also look out for a long thin line extending from the blister that is red in color. The other sure way to ascertain that it is actually an infection is if you have a fever and pus is emanating from the blister. It is important that you get in touch with a doctor immediately you notice the signs of an infection.


Blood blisters should heal naturally. However, if it bursts, ensure you keep the area around your finger clean and dry. Also know when to pierce open a blister and when not to. Doctors say that prevention is better than cure. As such, understand the common causes of blood blisters and work towards preventing them. Some common causes include allergies, infections, skin diseases, trauma and use of certain medications. It is of great importance that you learn how to treat blisters at home. This way you will ensure your safety and spend less as well.

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