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How to stay fit and active with a green tea diet plan

How to Stay Fit And Active With a Green Tea Diet Plan

Everyone has got a secret desire to achieve a well-toned body free from harmful diseases and lead a healthy, happy life. Unfortunately, most of us end up being absolutely hopeless and helpless regarding it. In this fast life, we eat various types of junk food and beverages and don’t provide adequate nutrition, exercise and rest to our bodies.

This causes various life-threatening disorders and ailment from where recovery is almost negligible. Shouldn’t we take care of our habitat and improve our lifestyle to live life in a fitter way? Of course we should. And believe me; it doesn’t take too much effort to do so, with the help of green tea.

Green tea is the most organic form of tea which originated thousands of years ago in china as a medicine; later flourished all over the world for its nutritional and medicinal values. Unlike black tea, it doesn’t get fermented at the process of brewing and thus it successfully retains most of its anti-oxidants, acids and poly-phenols. These elements are capable to cure number of diseases without any proper and harmful side effect. It is considered as one of the healthiest beverage on the planet.

Benefits of green tea

Green tea contains innumerable beneficial components which has been researched and proved in related studies which can cure many health related problems and diseases, such as:

  • Obesity – Accumulation of the excess fat in a person’s body may increase the chances of sickness and inactiveness and therefore, it needs to be shredded off as fast as possible. Green tea increases the metabolism and polyphenol like flavonoids and catechins works intensely on levels of fat oxidation by 17% and the rate your body turns food into calories. It improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Diabetes – people suffering from diabetes marks 300 million people worldwide. Green tea helps regulate glucose levels in the blood, slowing the elevation of blood sugar after eating and works on insulin resistance or inability to produce insulin. Proper consumption of green tea may result into marginal denomination of other associated illness with it.
  • Cardio-vascular diseases – heart attacks and strokes are the main reason behind the maximum deaths all around the world. Green tea efficiently works on blood vessels, keeping them relaxed and maintains normalcy of the blood pressure. It also protects against the formation of clots in the blood vessels which is the main cause behind heart attacks.
  • Cancer – it might not be curable, but surely preventable with the help of green tea. It is one of the recommended medicines by the physicians to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them. Its rich anti-oxidants reduce the levels of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer and prostate cancer at a significant rate.
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the most common neurodegenerative diseases in humans. Green tea is said to delay the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with its biological compositions and protects brain functions, especially in old age.
  • Dental problems – latest studies suggests that chemical antioxidant “catechin” in green tea can destroy the presence of bacteria and viruses like influenza that cause throat and dental infections and cure such conditions.
  • Mental disorders – the combination of Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves and caffeine can cure depression, enhances mood and improves vigilance, reaction time and memory. It provides a tranquilizing effect and relaxation as a great benefit to tea drinkers.
  • Skincare – with the presence of high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, green tea is proven to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, keeping you youthful. Studies have demonstrated that green tea, if applied topically, can reduce sun damage from ultra-violet rays.

Green tea diet plan

After knowing the benefits of green tea, it’s time to know how to plan a diet based on the green tea. Drinking green tea for around 4-5 cups a day can boost up your metabolism and flush out the toxicity from your body. The green tea diet plan is an easy way to start a weight loss program but before you start, talk to your healthcare adviser about the diet considering your present health condition.

Following are the simple steps that involve drinking four to five glasses of green tea each day:

  • Morning tea – green tea is one of the healthiest ways to wake up in the morning. Beginning your morning with a full 8 ounce of green tea enriched with antioxidants boosts your immune system and metabolism. You may try drinking the tea cold instead of hot as it may help burn more calories since your body must use some energy to warm up the cool drink.
  • Before Breakfast – drink another glass of green tea before you have your breakfast as it will help you feel full and eat less at breakfast. Never skip the breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day that helps increase your metabolism.
  • Before Lunch – intake another glass of green tea a little before you eat lunch for the fat-burning properties of green tea. The excess liquid consumption will make you feel fuller and allow you to eat a smaller meal at lunch.
  • Before Dinner – Finally, drink your last glass of tea before you eat dinner in the evening. You will note the same benefits as the other meals. If you like having your dinner at night, try to have another cup in the evening.

Further Tips

This frequent consumption of green tea will make you look lean and fit within a very small time. You can have the tea with many other ingredients like lemon, ginger, cardamom, basil leaves and honey for better results. You may have it hot or cold, totally based on your preferences. A little cardio or free hand exercise along with the diet will tone up your body from outside and enhance your health from inside.

Don’t overdrink the tea as it may cause side effects and always prefer healthy eating over unhealthy junk foods.

Green tea is not only restricted to fight obesity but its medicinal values cure several kinds of chronic ailment. When the whole world is widely accepting green tea and its benefits, why are you still lagging behind drinking your ordinary tea or coffee? Start the green tea diet plan today and notice the amazing results in the near future.

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