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How to Stop a Runny Nose

How to Stop a Runny Nose

It is not uncommon to see people sneezing, coughing and wiping their nose during certain times of the year. Even though the winter time can be a major problem for some people, the spring is also a worrisome time as well. This is because the winter brings in the cold bitter weather that results in red runny noses, and the spring ushers in allergic substances that float through the air. Therefore, regardless to the time of the year, people can react in many different ways. One of which causes them to suffer with a continuous flow of a runny nose.

Dealing with a runny nose can be more than bothersome, it can cause other affects that lead to more serious ailments. Which means, it is important for people to deal with these signs and symptoms before they begin to progress. This said, here’s a few recommendations that should be considered when trying to get rid of the runny nose and the associated causes.

Get out the Extra Softest Tissues and Blow

Based on the severity of the problems that the person experiences, one of the first things that people should know is that it is important for them to get out the tissues. Once the person has their tissues in hand, they should make sure that they blow their noses in order to keep the passages clear of congestion. Because the congestion normally drains back into the throat and the chest areas, it can easily become backed up and cause other unwanted complications. Some of the more common complications involve infections that will need to be treated. Therefore, both children and adults should always be taught to blow and keep on blowing so that the mucuos will not get backed up.

Since the nose can also get irritated easily with the tissues that the person uses, the tissues should always be extra soft to the touch. If not, the nose will eventually become red and irritated and sensitive to the touch. This is why most physicians recommend buying the softest tissues that’s available on the market during these times.

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

The spring season is normally one of the biggest culprits for experiencing these problems. With a seemingly endless flow that keeps on running, many people suffer with a condition that is called perennial rhinitis. These problems normally shows up when pollen and other allergenic substances begin to float in the air. People who suffer with perennial rhinitis may also find that their allergies kicks in during other times of the year as well. Specifically, when they are allergic to things like dander, dust and mold.

In these situations, the person may visit their physician for allergy shots and antibiotics or they may choose to handle their problems at home with an all natural remedy. Since over the counter and prescription medications have certain harsh side effects, the natural home remedies may be preferred as well as very effective and fast. The cost of certain medications are also a factor in the type of remedy that’s chosen. Specifically, if the person does not have the finances in their budget to purchase costly prescriptions medications. Therefore, for those who need natural remedies that can assist them during these times, they may consider one or more of the following tips and recommendations. Many of which are safe to use, and can also bring great results.

Saltwater Solution

One major concern when dealing with a runny nose is making sure that their pathways are clear. Clearing the pathways will not only make the person feel better, but will also lead to more lasting relief. To accomplish these actions without using prescription medications like anti-histamines, people can use a natural saltwater solution. Saltwater solutions are simply a mixture of salt and water that can be made at home. Or, the person may buy saline in an over the counter form at their local grocery store. Regardless to an individual’s preference, this solution is easy to gain access to.

To administer the saltwater solution, people can use a dropper so that they can drop the solution into each nostril. Or, they may spray the saline as a mist into each nostril. Both of which will work effectively and without medicine that causes harsh side effects. Once the solutions have been dropped into each nostril, the person can begin to blow their nose to clear the pathways from mucus.

Herbal Tea

In addition to using a saltwater solution, the individual may also drink different types of herbal teas. Some teas, however, have been recommended more than others because of the effectiveness. It is also important to note that some people may recommend adding a teaspoon of fresh mint, cayenne pepper, yarrow root, or elder berry juice. Herbal teas are usually great for loosening up the clogged mucus in the chest and the nasal passages. Also, teas are known to be quick and fast relief within the shortest amount of time.

Honey and Lemon

Its not uncommon for a huge number of people to recommend honey and lemon for runny noses as well. In fact, many mothers have given their family this mixture over the years, and is known to be very effective in providing relief of a runny nose and treating the cough that usually comes along with it.

Drink a lot of fluids

Lastly, but definitely not the least, both physicians and moms recommend drinking lots of fluids. Fluids will keep the body hydrated during these times, and it is essential to the overall well being of the person’s health. The type of fluids consumed, however, should be considered carefully, especially since some beverages will exacerbate the problems instead of correcting them. Which means, people should drink lots of water, juices (orange juice, apple juice, grape juice ). Liquids are highly recommended for clearing up the problem and providing the added energy that’s needed.

Dealing with a runny nose can be a very challenging and frustrating time. Since seasonal changes, cold winter weather and other problems like dander, dust, and mold can cause runny noses, people need to know what they can do to prevent and eliminate them as soon as they start. For those who do not prefer medications that cause harsh side effects, they can look to all natural remedies that others highly recommend. Many of which involve using salwater solutions, drinking lots of water and teas, and keeping the pathways clear by blowing the nose.

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