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Lower right abdominal pain: Home remedies that are beneficial to you

Lower Right Abdominal Pain: Home Remedies That Are Beneficial to You

Lower right abdominal pain is a common disorder that leads to serious discomfort and irritation. Experts have determined that there are several factors that lead to the disorder and it very important to know the underlying cause in order to get well.

Some of the factors include stomach acidity, kidney stones and also lower right back pain during pregnancy among others. Other causes include:

  • As a result of inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • It may due to urinary tract
  • It may also be due to inflammation around the gall bladder, appendix and other body organs
  • In women, it may be due to pre menstrual disorder
  • Milk intolerance, stomach flu, ulcers and allergies which are as a result of different food products
  • It may also be due to food poisoning and parasitic infections
There are various symptoms that occur and help to indicate if one has lower right abdominal pain or stomach pain as well:
  • Fever
  • The inability of being able to keep food for a period of two days
  • Signs of dehydration
  • One’s inability to pass stool
  • Unusually frequent urination that is accompanied by pain
  • Abdomen tender to the touch
  • Pain around the abdomen lasts for a few hours
There are various home remedies that can help you alleviate stomach pain and lower right abdominal pain therefore being able to be comfortable again. It is important to visit your doctor for check up once you start experiencing the above symptoms but before heading out you need to alleviate the pain using home remedies.

Home remedies to treat pain brought about by acidity

Drink water

During digestion, the stomach utilizes digestive juices which are mainly acidic in order to digest and breakdown the food particles. Due to various conditions, the level of acidity may increase within the system therefore leading to stomach pain and lower right abdominal pain.

To alleviate the pain, you need to drink water regularly. Water contains low or no acidity which will help to dilute the acidity in the stomach and the digestive system ensuring one is relieved.

Mixture of cold milk and plain soda

When milk and plain soda are mixed, they create an anti-acid mixture which when consumed helps to lower the levels of acidity. This will help to eliminate pain before one decides to visit the doctor for further check up.

Chew mint after meals

Chewing mint after every meal helps to prevent bloating therefore preventing acidity in the body. This will alleviate the pain and prevent further damage due to increased acidity levels.

Remedies to help alleviate pain brought by menstruation

Drink water

When a woman is experiencing menstruation, the body usually utilizes a lot of water therefore leading to low levels in the body. In order to prevent dehydration in the body and alleviate any abdominal pain, it is important to drink water.

Consume foods rich in iron

During menstruation, a woman loses a lot of blood which in turn leads to pain among others. In order to ensure there is improved blood flow, you need to consume foods rich in iron. Iron is one of the main ingredients that leads to the formation of blood. Foods such as dates, spinach and jiggery water will help to alleviate pain brought by cramps as well.

Lie on your bed

Another home remedy that will help to alleviate pain as well as regulate blood flow is to lie on the bed. Place a pillow below your legs and ensure they are positioned at a 45 degree angle. You need to remain in this posture for a half an hour or so. This will help to alleviate pain as a result of cramps and also regulation of blood flow.

Home remedies to relieve pain due to kidney stones

Reduce stress

As one goes about their day to day activities, stress may arise especially if one is having a hard day. Increased levels of stress have been found to lead to several complications such as insomnia, raised blood pressure and loss of energy among others. When one has lower abdominal pain as a result of kidney stones and they get to increase their stress levels, pain and discomfort will increase.

To alleviate pain, it is important to reduce stress levels by lying down on a bed and trying to comfort yourself. You can also place a hot bag on the area with pain so as to combat it.

Butter milk and cumin powder

A mixture of butter milk and a little cumin powder will act as a mild diuretic therefore helping to dissolve the kidney stones. This helps to do away with uric acid in the system as well as lower right abdominal pain that was brought about by the kidney stones.

Other home remedies that will help to alleviate lower right abdominal pain include:

  • Mixture of honey and bay leaf
Honey contains anti inflammation and anti bacterial properties and when mixed with bay leaf, it becomes a perfect pain reliever especially for individuals who have lower right abdominal pain. Bay leaf is rich in Vitamin A, C, iron and dietary fiber which is beneficial in eliminating constipation that is known to lead to bloating.
  • Ginger juice
Experts have found out that when an individual who is experiencing lower right abdominal pain applies ginger juice around the belly button, it will help to alleviate pain. Ginger contains anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties among others therefore helps one to eliminate various other problems such as inflammation, flatulence and fatigue among others.

In conclusion, lower right abdominal pain refers to pain that one feels around the lower region which is located between the chest and the groin. It is known to affect various organs such as the stomach, liver, kidney, gallbladder and the intestines too.

There are various causes that lead to the occurrence of pain which include menstruation, stomach acidity, kidney stones as well as pregnancy. Home remedies that can help to alleviate pain include water, ginger juice, buttermilk, honey, dates, spinach and jiggery water among others.

The home remedies contain various properties and nutrients such as anti oxidants, anti inflammation, vitamins and iron which contribute to other benefits in the body.

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