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Should I Take Shower Every Day

Should I Take Shower Every Day?

It is a controversial issue as some people are of the view that one should take shower every day to remain hygienically clean whereas some consider it harmful for their skin. So in order to take a firm decision about when should I take a shower you should think over it wisely.

Controversial ideas about taking shower

Most of the people recommend regular shower by lathering up with a healthy soap and washing it away with a good stream of hot water in response to when should I take shower, for their healthy personal hygiene as it helps in killing the germs on the skin. They prefer to use healthy soaps for this purpose as they may not be able to kill their skin borne bacteria by using ordinary or non-bacterial soap.

On the other hand doctors and patients are restricted to take shower every day as it can help in transferring the flora and fauna of their skin bacteria to the surrounding environment. Some people do not recommend taking shower daily due to its damaging effect on their skin.

Facts behind damaging effect of shower

In fact, the outermost layer of your skin popularly known as horny layer usually remains hard due to the presence of dead skin cells on it. These dead skin cells form a kind of protective layer to protect the live and healthy skin cells present in the underlying layer of the skin. The horny skin layer keeps the dead cells together with the help of fatty compounds known as lipids released by your body to maintain its moisture.

So whenever you take shower by using a healthy soap, scrub and hot water you may be damaging the togetherness of the horny layer of your skin. The lipid compound on the horny skin layer is washed away while taking shower as hot water and soap dissolve it and scrubbing helps in accelerating the procedure. The damage to this skin layer increases if one takes shower every day or frequently as your skin will not have enough time to repair itself naturally through lipid compounds. In this way your skin usually gets cracked, dry and irritating if you shower frequently.

Another fact behind damaging effect of frequent shower on your skin is the use of towel to dry it. Rubbing your skin with a towel after taking shower is a common practice which can also damage its outermost layer. You can also use air dryer to dry your skin after shower but if you do not have enough time to wait for the evaporation of water or do not want to trickle water throughout your home until it dries itself then it becomes necessary to use towel for this purpose. But you should use a soft towel for this purpose to absorb the water gently without damaging your skin.

So after knowing these viewpoints your decision for when should I take shower may not be positive for every day. But shower every day may not be damaging for every one as the chemistry of the skin of different people can be different. Therefore you can take care of your skin by using soap and water while taking shower, as per the nature of your skin.

Brief information about the pros and cons of taking shower daily or more frequently is provided here under to understand its health effects more precisely.

Pros and cons of taking shower daily


  • Massage: You can enjoy the benefit of mini massage by taking shower every day with hot water. You can look healthy and attractive as even the mini massage with hot shower can help in boosting the blood circulation throughout your body.
  • Warmth: Another benefit to take hot shower on cold day is that it infuses warmth throughout your body which improves its glow after drying it with towel. So you can prefer to decide for daily shower in response to your question when should I take shower.
  • Cleanliness: It is one of the most important reasons for which people usually want to take shower every day with hot water. In fact hot water helps in killing the germs and bacteria on the entire skin of your body. Though cold water can also clean your skin but its effect on the skin germs and bacteria may not be as effective as that of hot water.


  • Dry skin: It is one of the main drawbacks of taking hot water shower every day as hot water dissolves the hardened top layer and moisture of your skin by washing it frequently. It is better to use cold water for this purpose as it helps in maintaining the moisture of your skin.
  • Itchiness: The increasing dryness on the skin due to taking shower more frequently can make it itchy unless it is moistened with a good quality moisturizer. The chances of getting scratchy skin increase by taking hot shower every day as it aggravates it more profusely.
  • Widens skin pores: Most of the women are more conscious about the size of their pores as usually they do not like obvious and huge pores. In fact hot water shower helps in widening the pores by removing moisture and dead skin cells from it. These widened pores provide more space to the dirt and debris to accumulate into your skin which can cause infections and other skin problems. So to avoid this drawback you can take cold shower as its lower temperature helps in keep your pores close and tighten your blood vessels.
  • Worsening of skin problems: Taking hot shower daily can worsen the condition of your skin if you are experiencing some skin problem like eczema or psoriasis. So to relieve and prevent these skin conditions you can prefer to take shower with cold water as it can restrain your skin from collecting more dirt and germs by maintaining its moisture.
Thus after going through the information provided in this write-up you can easily decide when should I take shower. You can take shower ever day or more frequently depending upon the condition and nature of your skin.

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