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The Natural Home Remedies For Nasal Passage Swelling

The Natural Home Remedies For Nasal Passage Swelling

Swelling in the nasal channel is general in people who suffer from sinusitis, colds, upper respiratory infections and flu. If it is acute condition, it may be because of abnormal mucus production in huge amounts. This is an inconvenient status for the people. It causes trouble in breathing due to the reason of inflammation of air passages. It is experienced by the people because of several situations. Knowing the causes helps you to find the best treatment to get rid of this problem.


It is air filled cavities seen around the nose, eyes and cheeks. Their works is to filter the dusts from the oxygen you breathe in. They contain mucus that covers the sinuses to wet the air. The mucus layer functions like a protective cover for human lungs against dangerous viruses, bacteria and allergens. The inflammation is called as sinusitis. This occurs mainly because of fungal, viral or bacterial infections. It could be triggered by bone injuries on the nose. The membranes of the nasal always swell up when a defence acts against irritants. They produce huge quantity of mucus so become inflamed and inconvenient.


When the membranes around the nose turn inflamed, this is the beginning of rhinitis. This can be because of allergic or non allergic status featured by a running nose. Always caused because of surrounding factors, the condition is triggered by allergies to pollen, dust, and other allergy creating substances. For certain people, it arrives about because of taking allergic food products.

Rhinitis medicamentosa:

This is a return nose congestion created by additional nasal decongestant sprays. Even though these sprays are referred to offer relief from a airless nose, the overuse is bounce create a reaction. The nasal sprays that tighten in the nose lining blood vessels must not be availed regularly due to the reason they have drugs that can make swelling.

Treatment and prevention:

1. Home treatment:

Home remedies can be availed to lessen the inflammation. You can also have natural remedies. You will see easy simple, safe steps to use at your house for quick relief from the signs.

2. Reliable solution:

Steam inhalation is always regarded as the reliable solution. It offers fast and simple remedy. Just you have to boil the water and inhale the steam produced. When the water is boiled, add one or two drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. Keep your head around the steam, wrap a blanket cover and breathe in the steam. The oxygen produced works to decongest the nasal pathways thinning the mucus. The oil you use will function as antibacterial cure against the bacterial infections.

3. Herbal teas:

Herbal tea is available from natural ingredients that offer healing qualities to treat a obstruct nose pathways. Peppermint and mint tea are certain types of herbal teas you can take to get relief from the swollen nasal passage. Other teas like wild thyme that contains decongestant qualities to clear the swelling. Ivy herbal tea is also best for this trouble.

Tea tree oil offers lot of benefits because of its antibacterial properties. It contains elements that fight against any bacteria and virus blocking the nasal pathways. To make the treatment, you want to include four drops oil to hot boiled water. Avail the mixture for steaming every day.

Eucalyptus oil helps to lessen the nasal swelling because it has the good properties to open up the mucus covering. Prepare a solution for the steam by including few drops of eucalyptus oil, lean on the top of steam and inhale. For best steaming action, cover the head by using a towel to get sufficient amount of steam and breathe it. It is also good to do this on regular basis both in the morning and evening to get a natural relief for your problem.

4. Salt water:

Salt water offers a remedy by clearing the blockage in the nasal passage. Availing a neti pot, keep a mixture of one teaspoon of salt and Luke warm water in the water. Get few drops of this mixture to your nostrils and tilt the head. The water will go to other nostrils for best cleaning.

5. Other treatment remedies:

There are certain healing remedies to assist you clear the sinuses problem. These are simple remedies which you can perform by yourself. The self care solutions are yoga, shiatsu and acupressure. Certain times availing nasal problem may also assist to pump out the sinuses for fast relief. If you find that the indication of sinuses is persisting, it is good to consult your doctor to get further diagnosis and best treatment.

6. Medical treatment:

After identifying the type of situation you are suffering from, your medical professional could recommend nasal allergy medicines, antibiotics, steroids, decongestant sprays as solutions. If there is rebound nasal blockage, the health practitioner may recommend that the patient stops availing the sprays or medicines that could be the reason for congestion.


To prevent getting sinus problem, it is good to check whether you possess any allergic reactions such as rhinitis. These types of respiratory infections will lessen through just cleaning up the locations. Make sure that you clear the allergic materials such as dust in the room. It is good to avoid some food products that cause allergies in the body. If there is a serious swellings and reactions, immediately contact your doctor.

Other steps:

Take extra fluids, particularly hot tea. Insufficient moisture is also one of the reasons for nasal passage congestion. Raise the moisture level in the air by using a vaporizer or humidifier. Keep your face above a sink. The heat will assist relax the problem. If required take oral decongestant. Certain medicine combines oral decongestant with an antihistamine and some contain extra unwanted ingredients. Read the ingredients to make sure you are using what you want. If you are unsure about the ingredients, it is good to consult your medical specialist. If you find green or yellow mucus, that is usually an indication of infections, check with your doctor. Remove any surrounding factor that may be creating your nasal passage swelling, particularly allergens like cigarette smoke, pet hair, dust, and mold. Clean your house on regular basis and buy an air purifier. Gently massaging the affected areas, the place over the nose and the eyebrows will definitely assist certain sinus pressure. If all these natural solution do not be effective for you, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

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